The Gifting Dudes

Really?  You clicked on The Gifting Dudes(TM) button?

Dude!  We created the site to make it wicked fast for you to find awesome gifts and move on to more important things.  Like checking your fantasy football stats - or teaching your dog to fetch beers.  Bail on this page!  Hit the back-button.  Check out our curated collection of premium gifts. Or, use this time more wisely setting up 'Forget Her Nots' and never miss an important milestone again.  Either way, we're a 1,000% sure you're not going to score any extra points reading about us.  Besides, our attorneys won't let us divulge any of the fun stuff anyway.

Happy Shopping!
The Gifting Dudes(TM)

Hmm... still here.  Must be an investor, influencer, or lifestyle reporter looking for the next best thing.  The Gifting Dudes(TM) are honored.  Read on!  We're expats from the giant flower and gifting companies.  You know the ones.  With a gillion pages of options that give you brain cramps, selection paralysis and flower fatigue.  We're pretty sure that that if you were brave enough (we're certainly not) to scroll to the end of one of these sites, you'd find yourself at the very gates of gifting hell.  way too complicated, cluttered and confusing.  These sites lost us - and millions of dudes just like us.  Seriously, science has proven that humans only use 10% of their brain capacity (we're pretty sure it's even less for dudes).  Why these sites think we want to use 11% aimlessly searching their sites is beyond us.  So, we stopped pedaling petals at the giant hot-house, hot-mess flower and gifting sites and built one just for Dudes.  We keep it simple.  Just a few arrangements and combos.  Comprised of the best roses from Colombia, and hand-dipped berries from America.

We're just Dudes Helping Dudes Be Better Dudes!